Day 1: Thursday, October 8
6:00 AM
Morning Yoga: Rise & Shine
8:00 AM Attendee Check-in & Exhibits Open
9:00 AM
Welcome and Introductions; Michelle Eslami, MD, FACP, CMD; Albert Lam, MD; and Michael Wasserman, MD, CMD
9:30 AM LTC Theory and the Role of PACE: The Continuum of Care
  Speaker: Jay Luxenberg, MD
  Learning Objectives:
   1.  Understand basic definition of long term care.
   2.  Understand long term care as necessary for health factor akin to food and housing.
   3.  Understand PACE model as a form of long term care.
   4.  Understand medical care as a supportive component of PACE.
9:50 AM Specialized Managed Care and LTSS
  Speaker: Cheryl Phillips, M.D. AGSF
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Define Specialized Managed Care as it applies to long term care
  2. Describe three examples of Specialized Managed Care
  3. Understand the structure of an Special needs Plans and how it impacts both nursing home and community-based long term care
10:10 AM Medical Care in PACE
  Speaker: Fiona Wilmot, MD
  Learning Objectives: TBA
10:30 AM PACE Panel
  Moderator: TBA Panel: Jay Luxenberg, MD; Cheryl Phillips, M.D. AGSF
11:00 AM Break
12:00 PM
Product Theater (No CME) (45 minutes)
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1:00 PM Welcome & Introductions: Learning Objectives Collaborative Medicolegal Summit; ModeratorKarl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC
1:05 PM Introduction to Nursing Home Litigation
  Speaker: William Wilson, Esq.
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Explain general types of claims brought against Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Providers, including the components of elder abuse under EADACPA, and some COVID-specific concerns.
  2. Describe common Plaintiff’s themes and theories of liability, and defense strategies to address these claims.
  3. Implement best practices to provide excellent care and reduce risks of litigation and regulatory action.
1:25 PM Regulatory Framework and Risk Management
  Speaker: Alan Horowitz, Esq., RN
  1. Describe common skilled nursing facility regulatory actions and strategies to avoid and appeal them.
  2. Create and implement facility policies and procedures to improve quality and improve regulatory compliance.
  3. Engage all PALTC employees and contractors, including the medical director, in optimizing survey and post-survey outcomes.
1:45 PM Case Discussion #1: Civil and Regulatory Case - Pressure Ulcer and Sepsis
  Attorneys: Bill Artigliere, Esq.; and Rima Badawiya, Esq.
  Learning Objectives:
   1. Explain how a pressure ulcer or other adverse outcomes may be considered unavoidable.
  2. Create facility policies and procedures to improve quality, and mitigate civil and regulatory liability.
  3. Describe the importance of, and strategies for, effective communication and creating realistic expectations.
2:45 PM Break: Networking Opportunity
3:15 PM Case Discussion #2: COVID-19 and Cardiac Arrest
  Attorneys: Kimberly Valentine, Esq. and William C. Wilson, Esq.
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Explain how COVID-19 cases can be used in claims of negligence or elder neglect, including inadequate amount or inappropriate use of PPE.
  2. Create and implement facility policies and procedures to improve quality, protect residents, and prevent claims of avoidable COVID-19.
  3. Describe and explain factors in advance care planning, POLST and CPR that may result in regulatory sanctions.
4:15 PM Panel Discussion: Q & A Session and Attendee Feedback 
  Moderator: Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC Panel: Bill Artigliere, Esq.; Rima Badawiya, Esq.; Alan Horowitz, RN, Esq.; Kimberly Valentine, Esq; William Wilson, Esq.
  Learning Objective:
   1. Conclude lessons learned from cases into practical, facility-based quality improvement initiatives.
5:00 PM Break
5:30 PM In The Trenches: Session #1 (Walk and Learn Opportunity)
  • Beers Criteria Update; Aida Oganesyan, PharmD
  • The Expanding Role of Telemedicine: Here to Stay? Steven Wang, MD
  • Dementia Care During COVID-19; Jennifer Birdsall, PhD
  • Enhanced Standard Precautions; Vicki Keller, RN, MSN, PHN, CIC
  • Patient & Staff Safety; KJ Page, RN-BC, LNHA
  • The Role of the Infection Preventionist; Dolly Greene RN, BSN, CIC
  • PACE Programs; Jay Luxenberg, MD
  • Infection Control; Jamie McKinnell, MD
  • PDPM: Where Are We Now?; Kerry Weiner, MD