Day 2: Friday, October 8

6:30 AM
Morning Run (45 Minutes) 
6:30 AM
Morning Yoga: Rise and Shine (45 Minutes) 
7:30 AM
Exhibits Open
8:00 AM
Welcome to Day 2 of the CALTCM Summit for Excellence
8:10 AM
Keynote Event; Albert Mensah, Author
9:00 AM
Break (5 Minutes)
9:05 AM
Diversity: Navigating Race and Microagression in Nursing Homes
(Interactive Session)
Speaker: Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO, CMD
Learning Objectives:
1. Recognize microagression and why it is happening.
2. Identify methods to deescalate situations and create awareness.
3. Describe how generational differences affect residents and staff within PALTC.
10:35 AM
Break (10 Minutes)
10:45 AM
Communication: Creating Successful Conversations with
Family Members (Interactive Session)
Speaker: Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
Learning Objectives:
1. Collect foundational knowledge to navigate conversations that are difficult.
2. Describe how to deescalate situations.
3. Develop a toolkit in your facility with tools for practitioners on how to facilitate
a discussion.
11:45 AM
Wellness Activity: Meditation (30 Minutes) (NO-CME)
Speaker: Mark Levine, MD
12:15 PM
Product Theater (No CME) (45 Minutes)
1:00 PM
Exhibits / Virtual Game Session (No-CME) (30 Minutes) 
1:30 PM
Presentation of Awards
CALTCM Humanitarian Award: Susan Yeranyan, RN 
CALTCM Excellence in Care & Innovation: Chaim Raskin
2:00 PM
Hot Topics in Infection Control: COVID and Beyond
Speaker: Dolly Greene, RN, BSN, CIC
Learning Objectives: 
1. Cite the current recommendations for COVID-19 and best practices
for infection control and prevention.
2. State CDC recommendations for vaccination in PALTC.
3. Summarize emerging threats of infectious diseases.
2:30 PM
What's Happening in PALTC: CALTCM Update
Speakers: Albert Lam, MD and David Quackenbush
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the latest updates and issues facing post acute and long term care.
2. Describe how COVID-19 has impacted long term care medicine and
CALTCM education and efforts.
3. Summarize CALTCM's planned focus and efforts for 2022.
3:15 PM
Networking with CALTCM Committee's (30 Minutes)
3:45 PM
Product Theater (No CME) (45 Minutes)
Educational Poster Session: Sponsored by Industry (No CME)
4:30 PM
Brain Break: Ask the Experts (No CME) (30 Minutes)
5:00 PM
Poster Session and Reception (Networking Opportunity)
6:00 PM
Virtual Happy Hour
7:00 PM