Day 3: Saturday, October 9

6:30 AM
Morning Run (45 Minutes) 
6:30 AM
Morning Yoga: Rise and Shine (45 Minutes)
7:15 AM
Coffee Break: A Networking Event
7:30 AM
Welcome to Day 3 of the CALTCM Summit for Excellence
7:45 AM
Presentation of 2021 CALTCM Leadership Award
& Keynote Address
2021 CALTCM Leadership Award Recipient: Noah Marco, MD
8:00 AM
New Drugs for the Elderly
Speaker: Andrew Lowe, Pharm.D., APh, FCSHP
8:25 AM
Advance Care Planning, POLST, End-of-Life Issues in PALTC
Speaker: Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify Advance Care Planning, POLST, End-of-Life Issues in PALTC
2. Compare and contrast Advance Health Care Directives and POLST forms
3. Describe the decision-making process for incapacitated unrepresented nursing
home residents in California using the interdisciplinary team.
9:10 AM
Break (15 minutes)
9:25 AM
Wellness Activity: Meditation (30 Minutes) (NO-CME)
9:55 AM
Presentation of 2021 CALTCM Research Award
Award Recipient: Debra Saliba, MD, MPH, AGSF
10:15 AM
Neurologic vs Psychiatric Diagnosis in Dementia
Speaker: Steven Posar, MD
Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the symptoms of neuropsychiatric illness versus primary
psychiatric illness in Alzheimer’s, Vascular, Mixed Dementias, and others.
2. Express the possible etiologies of Behavioral and Psychological 
Symptoms of Dementia.
3. List the differential diagnoses and criteria for diagnosing Behavioral and
Psychological Symptoms of Dementia versus a primary psychiatric illness in
LTCF residents.
4. Identify current DSM-5 criteria and subsequent ICD-10 codes in documentation
for LTCF residents in both primary psychiatric illness and neuropsychiatric illness.
11:15 AM
Oral Health and Nutrition
Speaker: Thomas Olinger, DDS
Learning Objectives:
1. Identify best practices for oral care in LTC including types of brushes, fluoride,
and techniques for assisted brushing with techniques for those resistive to care.
2. Describe a program for fluoride varnish in long term care.
3. Describe the benefits of dental hygienist in long term care.
4. Provide evidence against use of swab sticks for oral care.
11:40 AM
Summit Analysis & Application: An Interactive Session
(Required for ABIM MOC credit.)
Moderator: Alfredo Czerwinski, MD
12:15 PM
Closing Comments
12:30 PM