Day 2: Friday, October 9

6:00 AM Morning Yoga: Rise & Shine
7:00 AM Attendee Check-in / Exhibits Open
8:00 AM Welcome to Day 2:  Updates in PALTC
  Speakers: Albert Lam, MD and Michael Wasserman, MD, CMD
  COVID-19: Lessons Learned 
8:15 AM What's Wrong With Your Disaster Plan?
  Speaker: Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify at least three deficiencies in the current disaster planning process
  2. Evaluate your current disaster plan in light of COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Propose at least five areas that need to be better developed in disaster planning at your facility.
8:45 AM Infection Control: Lessons Learned From COVID-19
  Speaker: Jamie McKinnell, MD
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Learn how to protect your SNF during a Pandemic
  2. Describe how to take an active role in the training of your team
  3. Explain how to decode public health messaging
9:15 AM Respiratory Illness with COVID-19: What Have We Learned?
  Speaker: Maged Tanios, MD
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Presentation of COVID respiratory illness
  2. Approaches to supportive care of patients with COVID pneumonia
  3. Medical and adjuvant therapies for management of COVID illness 
9:45 AM Break
10:00 AM Nonpharmacological Interventions to Address BPSD During COVID-19
  Speakers: Timothy L. Gieseke, MD, CMD and Jennifer Birdsall, Ph.D.
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Outline the impact of Covid-19 on SNF staff and residents
  2. Identify COVID-specific stressors that may increase BPSD
  3. Learn nonpharmacological interventions to reduce emotional distress in patients with dementia
  4. Learn nonpharmacological interventions to reduce wandering in patients with dementia
10:30 AM Anxiety and Depression Management During the Pandemic: Deprescribe or Over-Prescribe?
  Speaker: Glen Xiong, MD
  Learning Objectives:
  1. To assess subjective vs. objective symptoms of emotional distress
  2. To describe individual vs. facility management strategies
  3. To determine when to use behavioral, medical and combination treatments
11:00 AM Panel Session: COVID-19 Lessons Learned
  Moderator: Michelle Eslami, MD, FACP, CMD  Panel: Jennifer Birdsall, Ph.D.; Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD; Timothy Gieseke, MD, CMD; Jamie McKinnell, MD; Maged Tanios, MD; Michael Wasserman, MD, CMD; and Glen Xiong, MD
11:30 AM Break
11:45 AM In The Trenches: Session # 2 (Walk and Learn Opportunity)
  • COVID-19: Legal; Alan C. Horowitz, Esq., RN
  • COVID-19: Ethics; Patricia Latham Bach, PsyD, RN
  • COVID-19: Pharmacy; Janice Hoffman-Simen, PharmD, EdD, APh, BCGP, FASCP
  • COVID-19: Resilience; Paige Hector, LMSW
  • COVID-19: Community Relationships; TBA
  • COVID-19: Industry Changes; Cory W. Woods, DNP, MHA, MSN, RN
  • COVID-19: ACP and POLST; Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC
12:30 PM
Disease State Education Product Theater (45 minutes) (No CME)
Understanding the Impact and Consequences of Hallucinations
and Delusions Associated With Dementia-Related Psychosis
From the Long-Term Care Perspective
Learn more
1:30 PM Violence in Nursing Homes: Keeping Everyone Safe
  Speaker: Robert Gibson, PhD, JD
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify forms of violence common in nursing homes
  2. Describe unique characteristics of nursing homes that relate to violence risk
  3. Examine screening and other options to decrease risk of violence
  4. Discuss interventions available in nursing homes
2:15 PM How to Keep Staff & Residents Safe During a Pandemic
  Speaker: Tracie Murray, JD, NHA
  Learning Objectives:
  1. To discuss the role of the Administrator during a pandemic
  2. To describe some safety concerns as it relates to resident’s during a pandemic 
  3. To describe some safety concerns as it relates to staff during a pandemic
2:45 PM Resilience in Times of Uncertainty and Exhaustion
  Speaker: Paige Hector, LMSW
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Express and accept emotions and the body’s reaction to stress in the face of incredible challenges
  2. Recognize unintentional actions and thoughts that exacerbate stress and anxiety 
  3. Ease the stress of work and home life through strategies that people can start using immediately to strengthen coping skills and build resilience
3:45 PM Break
4:00 PM Panel Session: Protecting Staff and Residents
  Moderator: Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD Panel: Robert Gibson, PhD, JD; Paige Hector, LMSW; Tracie Murray, JD, NHA
4:30 PM Chronic Pain: Diagnostic Criteria
  Speaker: Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
  Learning Objectives:
  1. Analyze the deficiencies of the current ICD-10 classification of chronic pain and how these are addressed in the ICD-11 proposed revisions.
  2. Name the most common clinically relevant chronic pain disorders for ICD-11.
  3. Apply diagnostic classification schemata to clinical cases with chronic pain. 
5:00 PM Policy and Advocacy Updates
  Speaker: Alex Bardakh, MPP
  Learning Objectives:
1. Describe policy changes due to COVID19
2. Discuss federal and state advocacy efforts to address COVID19
3. Discuss short and long term policy goals 
5:30 PM Happy Hour: Networking Break (30 min)
6:00 PM
Educational Product Theater (45 min) (No CME) 
A Perspective on Management of COPD Through
the Lens of Comorbidities in the General and Elder
Populations: Observations From the GOLDEN Studies
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7:00 PM Adjourn