Reasons to attend:

  1. CALTCM is the recognized voice of medical leadership in PALTC.
  2. The CALTCM Annual Meeting curriculum is designed to engage and benefit all members of the interdisciplinary team and administrative leadership.
  3. CALTCM’s Annual Meeting focuses on getting the right professionals engaged in the right conversations that help post-acute and long-term care professionals:
    1. Stay current on best practices to be the driver of quality, patient safety and person-centered care,
    2. Keep ahead of compliance needs across the continuum of care,
    3. Learn ways to recruit for and optimize performance of their interdisciplinary teams, and
    4. Engage in dialogue related to risk management and overall corporate strategy.
  4. CALTCM recognizes that CMD-accreditation predicts higher quality of care for long-term care facilities (JAMDA, October 2009) and has intentionally designed its CME process to help Medical Directors achieve and maintain CMD-accreditation.