CALTCM Summit For Excellence
Program At-A-Glance 

Day 1: Thursday, October 7
8:00 AM
Morning Run (45 Minutes) 
8:00 AM
Morning Yoga: Rise and Shine (45 Minutes) 
11:45 AM
Product Theater (No CME) (45 Minutes)
12:30 PM
Registration & Virtual Exhibits Open (Networking Opportunity) 
1:00 PM
Welcome & Introductions to the 2021 CALTCM Summit for Excellence
1:15 PM
Keynote Address:
Clinical Response and Evaluation of Abuse Allegations
and the Role of the Primary Care Team
Speaker: Laura Mosqueda, MD
2:00 PM
Presentation of the CALTCM Lifetime Achievement Award
Dan Osterweil, MD, FACP, Msc Ed., CMD
2:20 PM
Break (5 Minutes)
2:25 PM
Policy & Regulatory Update: A Panel Session
Moderator: David Quackenbush; Panel: Alex Bardakh, MPP
3:00 PM
Wellness Activity: Meditation (30 Minutes) (NO-CME)
A discussion of the neuro-science, psychology and application
of mindfulness for reducing stress and burn-out.

Speaker: Mark Levine, MD
3:30 PM
Break (5 Minutes)
3:35 PM
Thieves' Market (A race to diagnose unusual cases.)
Speaker: David R. Scrase, MD, MHSA, MACP &
Alexander D. Schafir, MD, FACP
5:05 PM
Break (10 Minutes)
5:15 PM
Welcome & Introductions to the 2021 Medicolegal Summit
5:20 PM
Understanding Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Litigation
Speaker: William C. Wilson, Esq.
5:45 PM
COVID-19 Medicolegal Issues
Speaker: Ryan G. Canavan, Esq.
6:00 PM
Case Discussion: Fall, Fracture, Pressure Ulcer, and COVID
Speakers: Bill Artigliere, Esq. and Dawn Phleger, Esq.
 6:45 PM  Medicolegal Collaborative Q&A Session
Moderator: Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC
Panel: Bill Artigliere, Esq.; Ryan Canavan, Esq.; Kim Cruz, Esq.;
Dawn Phleger, Esq.; and William Wilson, Esq.
7:00 PM
Pearls: Collaborative Medicolegal Summit
7:05 PM
Networking: Virtual Happy Hour
7:30 P.M.

Day 2: Friday, October 8

6:30 AM
Morning Run (45 Minutes) 
6:30 AM
Morning Yoga: Rise and Shine (45 Minutes) 
7:30 AM
Exhibits Open
8:00 AM
Welcome to Day 2 of the CALTCM Summit for Excellence
8:10 AM
Keynote Event: Albert Mensah, Author
9:00 AM
Break (5 Minutes)
9:05 AM
Diversity: Navigating Race and Microagression in Nursing Homes
(Interactive Session)
Speaker: Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO, CMD
10:35 AM
Break (10 Minutes)
10:45 AM
Communication: Creating Successful Conversations with
Family Members (Interactive Session)
Speaker: Rebecca Ferrini, MD, MPH, CMD
11:45 AM
Wellness Activity: Meditation (30 Minutes) (NO-CME)
Speaker: Mark Levine, MD
12:15 PM
Product Theater (No CME) (45 Minutes)
1:00 PM
Exhibits / Virtual Game Session (No-CME) (30 Minutes) 
1:30 PM
Presentation of Awards: 
CALTCM Humanitarian Award: Susan Yeranyan, RN
  CALTCM Excellence in Care & Innovation: Chaim Raskin
2:00 PM
Hot Topics in Infection Control: COVID and Beyond
Speaker: Dolly Greene, RN, BSN, CIC
2:30 PM
What's Happening in PALTC: CALTCM Update
Speakers: Albert Lam, MD and David Quackenbush
3:15 PM
Networking with CALTCM Committee's (30 Minutes)
3:45 PM
Product Theater (No CME) (45 Minutes)
Educational Poster Session: Sponsored by Industry (No CME)
4:30 PM
Brain Break: Ask the Experts (No CME) (30 Minutes)
5:00 PM
Poster Session and Reception (Networking Opportunity)
6:00 PM
Virtual Wine Tasting (Additional cost for wine delivery.)

Day 3: Saturday, October 9

6:30 AM
Morning Run (45 Minutes) 
6:30 AM
Morning Yoga: Rise and Shine (45 Minutes)
7:15 AM
Coffee Break: A Networking Event
7:30 AM
Welcome to Day 3 of the CALTCM Summit for Excellence
7:45 AM
Presentation of 2021 CALTCM Leadership Award
& Keynote Address
2021 CALTCM Leadership Award Recipient: Noah Marco, MD
8:00 AM
New Drugs for the Elderly
Speaker: Andrew Lowe, Pharm.D., APh, FCSHP
8:25 AM
Advance Care Planning, POLST, End-of-Life Issues in PALTC
Speaker: Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, HMDC
9:10 AM
Break (15 minutes)
9:25 AM
Wellness Activity: Meditation (30 Minutes) (NO-CME)
9:55 AM
Presentation of 2021 CALTCM Research Award
Award Recipient: Debra Saliba, MD, MPH, AGSF
10:15 AM
Neurologic vs Psychiatric Diagnosis in Dementia
Speaker: Steven Posar, MD
11:15 AM
Oral Health and Nutrition
Speaker: Thomas Olinger, DDS
11:40 AM
Summit Analysis & Application: An Interactive Session
(Required for ABIM MOC credit.)
Moderator: Alfredo Czerwinski, MD
12:15 PM
Closing Comments
12:30 PM