CALTCM Summit For Excellence
Program At-A-Glance 

Thursday, October 6, 2022
12:30 PM
Registration & Exhibits Open
1:00 PM
Welcome & Introductions 
1:15 PM
Consensus Leadership: Leadership for Culture Change
2:00 PM
Culture Change: Addressing Inequality, Respect, Cultural Linguistic Competency,
and Racial Equity for Staff Retention
2:30 PM
Break (30 Minutes)
3:00 PM
Putting Staff First: How Everyday Actions Can Improve Morale, Change Culture, 
and Promote Engagement
4:00 PM
What Does Person-Centered Care Mean? How to Develop and Implement a 
Person Centered Care Plan in the LTC Setting
4:30 PM
Poster Session & Happy Hour (No CME) (60 Minutes)
LMG Alumni Reception
5:30 PM
Break (15 Minutes)

Collaborative Medicolegal Summit: Strange Bedfellows (Dinner Event)
5:45 PM
Welcome to the CALTCM Medicolegal Summit
6:00 PM
Understanding Nursing Home Litigation
6:40 PM
Break (15 Minutes)
6:55 PM
Medicolegal Case Discussion # 1
7:55 PM
Medicolegal Case Discussion # 2
8:55 PM
Pearls: Collaborative Medicolegal Summit
9:00 PM
Closing Comments / Adjourn

Friday, October 7, 2022: Clinical Hot Topics
7:00 AM
Product Theater (No CME)
7:00 AM
CALTCM Advocacy Interest Group (No CME)
7:30 AM
Registration/Exhibits Open
8:00 AM
Welcome & Introductions
8:15 AM
Dementia: A Non-Pharmacolgic Approach for Behavior Management
8:45 AM
New MD Guidelines: Afib, Diabetes, and HF
9:10 AM
Presentation of the 2022 Dan Osterweil Outstanding
Leader in Post Acute and Long Term Care Award
2022 Recipient: Michael Wasserman, MD, CMD
9:30 AM
Break/Exhibits (30 Minutes)
10:00 AM
New Drugs: Pharmacy Update
10:25 AM
Diagnosing Mental Illness in NH Residents
10:50 AM
Policy & Regulatory Update
11:35 AM
What's Happening in PALTC?
11:50 AM
Presentation of the 2022 Poster Session Awards
12:05 PM
12:10 PM
Product Theater: (No CME) Lunch Break (45 Minutes)
12:55 PM
Break/Exhibits (10 Minutes)
1:05 PM
Introduction to the In The Trenches
1:20 PM
In The Trenches: Round 1
1. Conflict Resolution and Difficult Personalities
2. Psychiatry for the Non-Psychiatrist
3. Telehealth: Practical Tips for SNF's
4. Ryan's Law: Implementation for SNF /ALF
5. Billing and Coding
1:55 PM
In The Trenches: Round 2
2:30 PM
Break: Ice Cream & Exhibits (30 Minutes)
3:00 PM
Hot Topics in Post Acute and Long Term Care
Panel Discussion Session
3:45 PM
Summit Analysis & Application: An Interactive Session 
(Required for ABIM MOC credit.)
4:15 PM
Closing Comments
4:30 PM